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Career and College Planning Curriculum

Catalysts for development of a curriculum include growing requests from NC educators for materials that guide students through the key steps in career and college planning, increasing educational expectations for NC students, and the addition of significant new resources to

Development began in early 2007 with the creation of two advisory teams of NC educators: a middle school team and a high school team. The learning outcomes, sequences, and format of the curriculum are based on:

1) The NC Comprehensive School Counseling Standard Course of Study
2) Advisory team guidance
3) Review of the latest national research.

Career and College Planning 
					  Curriculum Overview 04:57
Career and College Planning Curriculum Overview 04:51

There are 10 activities per year for each grade (6th-12th). Outcomes are aligned with the NC Comprehensive School Counseling Standard Course of Study and categorized into six strands. Please see the documents below for more details including Topics At-a-Glance and Learning Outcomes for each grade.

Grade Level

Student Activities

Lesson Plans

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You can also download and distribute these fun activities for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Have these activities embedded in your school calendar along with dates, SAT vocabulary words, weekly features, timelines, and more. Lesson plans to help you guide your students through the college planning process are also provided.

Download a guide to all CFNC curriculum resources including activities for elementary students, online Guideways, and an online Financial Literacy course.


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