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NC 529 IMAGE Who Can Contribute To A 529 Plan
July 15, 2024
Who Can Contribute to a 529 Plan?

Learn who can contribute to a 529 account, what to know before you make a gift, and how to invest in a child's future.

July 15, 2024
UTMA vs. UGMA vs. 529 Plan: Understanding the Differences

What are the differences between a UTMA vs. UGMA vs. a 529 plan? We break down the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision.

NC 529 IMAGE College Fund For Grandchildren
June 7, 2024
College Fund for Grandchildren: How to Set Up a 529

Establish a college fund for your grandchildren with a 529 account. With a 529 account, there are tax advantages and your investment in their future can grow.

College Savings Plan Desk
June 7, 2024
Best Plan for College Savings: Why a 529 is the Right Choice

Searching for the best plan for college savings? With a 529 plan, your savings can grow tax-free and aren't taxed when money is withdrawn for college.

NC 529 IMAGE 529 Qualified Expenses
June 7, 2024
529 Qualified Expenses & What You Can Spend Your Funds On

529 qualified expenses are expenses directly related to attending a college or university, or tuition for a private K-12 school. Here's what to know.

Trade School University
June 7, 2024
Can a 529 Plan Be Used for Trade School? 3 Things to Know

Can a 529 be used for trade school? Yes, if the trade school is a 529 eligible institution. Learn what that means and how to find the right one.

NC 529 IMAGE Leftover 529 Funds
April 18, 2024
What Should You Do With Leftover Money in Your NC 529 Account?

If you have leftover money in your 529 account, you have options. Explore our tips for maximizing any funds you haven't used yet.

NC 529 IMAGE Future Cost Of College
April 18, 2024
The Future Cost of College: How Much Will Tuition Increase?

College costs will most-likely keep rising in the future. To help you know how much to save, here is a table of college costs in the future.

NC 529 IMAGE Are Education Expenses Tax Deductible
April 18, 2024
Are Education Expenses Tax Deductible? 3 Education Benefits to Know

Lower your overall tax bill by claiming certain education tax benefits, including a tuition and fee deduction.

NC 529 IMAGE Save For College #1
April 18, 2024
How Much to Save for College & Savings Goals by Age

Figure out how much to save for college, savings benchmarks based on your child's age, and ways to meet your goals.