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NC Countdown to College

October 2020

Residency | FAFSA | Applications

Information For Schools

Thank you for your work to support students during NC Countdown to College! Below are the steps to a successful event. Consult the Site Coordinator’s Resource Guide for more information and ideas for event hosting.

Step 1 – Register Your School

You’ll want to register your site as hosting an NC Countdown to College event so your team will have access to a) marketing materials and giveaways to promote the event, b) support services, and c) resources to support the successful execution of NC Countdown to College month.

Step 2 – Assemble a Team

You’ll need help planning, scheduling, and implementing activities. Recruit faculty and staff from your school to form an NC Countdown to College team. Enlist volunteers from the community (parents, school alumni, community leaders, and volunteer/youth/senior/church groups) to participate in activities.

Step 3 – Make Technical Preparations

Schedule computer lab space and share the Technology Guidelines with your school’s IT resources to ensure that your school’s computer systems and devices are ready for the event.

Ensure that you have access to your CFNC Professional Center account so you can assist students with password resets and run reports on applications and transcripts that your students submit through CFNC.org.

Step 4 – Plan and Schedule Activities

Consider designating themes for each week in the NC Countdown to College month and plan activities focused on getting students to complete their residency determination, FAFSA, and college applications. See the Site Coordinator’s Handbook for ideas.

Step 5 – Promote Your Event

Spread the word about your event to increase awareness and participation among students, parents, school staff and faculty, and the community. Disseminate information in multiple ways, such as by phone, mail, email, website, flyers, posters, banners, and meetings.

Step 6 – Hold Your Event

Be sure to enlist enough volunteers to assist at your scheduled activities. Volunteers can help with set-up, greeting and signing-in students, distributing information, answering questions, and assisting students in completing applications, residency determinations, and/or the FAFSA.

We value your feedback!

Please watch your email inbox for a site coordinator survey after the NC Countdown to College event.


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