If you have been affected in any way by the coronavirus outbreak, there are options available to help with your student loans. Call us at 800-722-2838 Mon-Thurs from 8am-7pm or Friday from 8am-5pm with any questions.

Financial Aid Educator Resources

CFNC offers these free financial aid resources for educators.

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FAFSA Resources
Information to help you when working with students and parents on their FAFSA application. Learn about these today!
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NASFAA Tip Sheets
Helpful guides when working with different groups of students and adults. Get these tips now!
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Financial Aid Presentation (PowerPoint)
High school presentation discussing financial aid for college. Download the Financial Aid Presentation.
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Financial Literacy Fact Sheets
Fact sheets on topics like financial aid, making a budget, renting an apartment and more! Access these resources now!