CFNC Spanish Services

CFNC offers these free resources focusing on our Latino and migrant students in order to assist in their education goals.

CFNC: Spanish Services (Language: English - YouTube)

Spanish Services Webinars

(Language: English - YouTube)

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Identifying Barriers & Exploring Best Practices for Hispanic/Latino Students

Learn about the barriers and best practices to support Hispanic/Latino students' access to higher education.

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Understanding Financial Aid for Hispanic and Immigrant Families

Look into the financial aid process for Hispanic and immigrant families from public and private institution perspectives.

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NC Residency Determination Service (RDS)

Discover the NC Residency Determination Service and what it entails for you.

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Policies & Opportunities for Latino Students at NC Community Colleges

Discover the different policies and opportunities for Latino students in various Non-US statutes at NC Community Colleges

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Career Training & Higher Ed Options at NC Community Colleges

Explore the career training and higher education options for all students at NC Community Colleges.

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Building Trust & Relationships with Hispanic, Latino and Latinx Students

Look into how to build trust and relationships with your Hispanic, Latino and Latinx students.

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Printable Spanish Resources

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