If you have been affected in any way by the coronavirus outbreak, there are options available to help with your student loans. Call us at 800-722-2838 Mon-Thurs from 8am-7pm or Friday from 8am-5pm with any questions.

Contact a CFNC Regional Rep

CFNC Regional RepresentativesRegional representatives are located across the state to inform the public about the services of the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) and to provide you with personalized service and local contact. They have presentations and exhibits for schools, PTA meetings, libraries, professional organizations, companies, civic clubs, churches, youth groups, chambers of commerce, and other community events. 


Contact Your Local CFNC Representative

Amy Denton - 252 area

Phone - 252.402.6157
Facebook - Amy at CFNC
Instagram - amyatcfnc

[email protected]
Takeila Hall - 336 area

Phone - 336.402.5622
Facebook - Takeila at CFNC
Instagram - takeilaatcfnc

[email protected]
Timeka Ruffin - 704/980 area

Phone - 704.281.3437
Facebook - Timeka at CFNC

[email protected]
Devon McCarthy-James - 828 West area

Phone - 828.712.9840
Facebook - DevonAtCFNC
Instagram - devonatcfnc

[email protected]
Skip Watts - 828 East area

Phone - 828.337.7939
Facebook - Skip at CFNC

[email protected]
Brittany Privott - 910 area

Phone - 910.280.1883
Facebook - Brittany at CFNC
Instagram - brittanyatcfnc

[email protected]
Sarita Broadway - 919 area

Phone - 919.264.3686
Facebook - Sarita at CFNC
Instagram - saritaatcfnc

[email protected]
Juana Hernandez - Spanish Services

Phone - 919.799.3779
Facebook - Juana at CFNC
Instagram - juanaatcfnc

[email protected]
JuanEs Ramirez - Spanish Services

Phone - 984.297.1032
Facebook - JuanEs at CFNC
Instagram - juanesatcfnc

[email protected]

Topics and services offered include:

  • Overview of CFNC services
  • Training for CFNC account creation
  • Linking CFNC.org to school or business websites
  • Financial aid workshops
  • FAFSA Completion/FAFSA Assistance
  • Career and college admission planning resources
  • Entrance and exit loan counseling assistance
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Information sessions on North Carolina's National College Savings Program (NC 529) 
  • Training and information on loans, grants, financial literacy, and more