CFNC Widgets

CFNC is pleased to make available several widgets for middle and high school students that can be placed on your school website. A widget is simply a window through which CFNC can deliver timely information to your students. Once the widget has been added to your site, CFNC can update the content without your ever having to worry about it. You will notice that you can navigate inside the widget without ever leaving the page on which it is posted. The widgets may contain information, reminders, quizzes, videos, and links to PDFs and tools.

There are five widget types, each available in two sizes (300 X 300 and 728 X 100). To add a widget to your website, ask your webmaster to click "Get This" and paste the code to your school site. If you have any questions, please email

CFNC Transcript Widget
The transcript widget provides content to help students send their free electronic high school transcripts to all NC colleges through


CFNC Test Prep Widget
This widget will always have upcoming SAT/ACT dates and feature content related to college entrance tests.


CFNC High School Widget
This widget features content for high school students across all topics of planning, applying, and paying for college.


CFNC Financial Aid Widget
This widget will always feature content related to paying or saving for college.


CFNC Middle School Widget
This widget will always feature content appropriate for 6th-8th grade students.