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When it comes to saving for college, common sense may be even better than luck!

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While it’s fun to dream about winning extra money, you can’t always count on it. To be ready when your child is heading to college, it’s better to be sensible and start saving. Not only will your regular contributions to an NC 529 Account start building savings, but when you earn interest on your savings, you’ll be earning interest on the interest too — helping your money keep growing.

When you save for college in an NC 529 account, you also have the benefit of your earnings being free from North Carolina and federal taxes when they’re used for qualified higher education expenses.

An NC 529 Account is easy to set up. There’s no fee to enroll, and with a minimum contribution of only $25, you can get started. Even starting small by putting in just the minimum contribution amount (maybe giving up that special coffee a few times a month) can make a difference in your savings down the road. And, as you’re able to contribute more, particularly by making regular monthly or even yearly lump sum contributions, your savings can grow. When it comes time to pay those first college bills, you’ll be glad you put some money away instead of relying solely on luck.

But who says you can’t have an NC 529 Account and also be lucky? Might as well take a chance! When you enter the NC 529 Lucky 3 Drawing, all the contributions you make to your NC 529 Account from now until midnight on December 31, 2016, will multiply your entry and increase your chances for winning an extra $529 for your account! If you haven’t entered yet, do it now for a chance to win $529 more for your college savings. Maybe you can be smart and lucky!

Good luck, and keep contributing to your NC 529 Account!

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