ATTENTION NC 529 PLAN and CFI LOAN Account Holders – LOG IN TODAY TO UPDATE YOUR EMAIL IN “MY PROFILE” in your Dashboard to be prepared for Two Factor Authentication (2FA), which will be required to access your account in June. If you’d like to set up 2FA now, use this Quick Reference Guide.

Manage My Loans

Manage My Loans gives current College Foundation, Inc. borrowers updated information for managing their loans and tips for helping with repayment.

Secure your Account now with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – REQUIRED in June 2023

Beginning in June 2023, your NC 529 Account will require two-factor authentication (2FA) in order to log in. 2FA is an enhanced security measure that requires you to use two different authentication methods, such as a password and a one-time security code, to access your Account.  With 2FA, even if someone else has your password, they will not be able to access your Account without the one-time security code.

It is important that you login and update your CFNC email address now, before 2FA is required.

The one-time security code will be provided by email to your CFNC email address or by using a authenticator app.  If you’d like to go ahead and enhance the security of your CFI Loan Account using 2FA before it is required, you can use this Quick Reference Guide to get started.

Impacted by a natural disaster?

If you live or work in a county declared a disaster area by FEMA or another government agency, call us at 1-800-722-2838 for assistance with your loan repayment during this difficult time.

Transfer of FFELP Loans to Nelnet

On March 25, 2023, the servicing of FFELP loans was transferred from CFI to Nelnet. A letter was mailed to CFI FFELP loan borrowers the week of February 6 with important information regarding the transfer. Borrowers should also receive a communication from Nelnet shortly after the transfer, providing additional information. Even though the loans are transferred, the terms and conditions of the loans are not affected.

This transfer will not impact any non-FFELP loans, such as EXTRA Education Loans or NC Assist Loans, originated and serviced by CFI.

Watch out for Student Loan Relief Scams

Don’t ever pay for assistance with reducing your student loan debt. Some companies may try and scam you to pay for services that we do for free or promise immediate loan forgiveness. Learn more about protecting yourself at Federal Student Aid and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.