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Manage My Loans gives current College Foundation, Inc. borrowers updated information for managing their loans and tips for helping with repayment.

Are you a borrower affected by COVID-19?

President Biden recently directed the US Department of Education to extend the relief provided for student loans owned by the federal government in the CARES Act. The extension did not include relief for any other student loan holders. Loans serviced by College Foundation, Inc. are neither Direct Loans nor owned by the federal government and were not included in the CARES Act.

If you have been affected in any way by the coronavirus outbreak, there are options available to help with your student loans. CFI can help you by granting a capping, discretionary forbearance for up to 3 months upon request. You may qualify for a deferment of payments based on your circumstances such as unemployment or economic hardship. You can check out the various options by clicking on the Loan Repayment link on the left of the screen or calling us at 800-722-2838 Mon-Thurs from 8am-7pm or Friday from 8am-5pm with any questions. Our call center counselors are trained to help you understand the options available.

Additional information on free student-aid related COVID-19 guidance can be found on We will continue to monitor any legislation in regards to COVID relief and provide updates if additional options become available.”

1098-E Student Loan Interest Statement

A Substitute 1098-E Student Loan Interest Statement will be included with the January 2021 billing statement. A separate mailing will be sent for borrowers who have paid their loans in full during 2020 and are no longer receiving a statement.

The importance of good credit

Building and maintaining good credit is an important part of your financial health. Strong credit scores can provide access to many savings and benefits making a big difference when you apply for things such as a mortgage or lease. Student loans can help build your credit history. Consistently making payments on time can have a positive impact on your credit score while missing payments and falling behind can negatively impact your credit score. College Foundation, Inc. reports at the loan level to the national credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Learn more about credit scores at: and call us 800-722-2838 Mon-Thurs from 8am-7pm or Friday from 8am-5pm with any questions.