Work-Study Programs

Undergraduate and graduate students with financial need are eligible to participate in work-study programs. This program allows students to work part-time jobs to help pay for their education expenses. Students who are interested in work-study should contact the financial aid office at their school to find out what positions are available, how to apply and how their process works. 

Not all work-study jobs are on-campus and most require you to find, apply and interview like other jobs. Also, federal work-study funds are not directly applied to your tuition. They are received as paychecks and are meant to help with smaller day to day expenses. The money you earn through work-study is taxable, and you should report it on your FAFSA the following year. However, since it's reported separately, receiving federal work-study funds will not hurt your chances of getting financial aid the next year.

Pro-Tip: Be sure to fill out your FAFSA early and to specify you are interested in federal work-study.