Why Bother Going to College?

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Transitioning from high school to college can feel overwhelming, but in the long run, it is a worthwhile and tremendously rewarding endeavor. Beyond learning new and interesting material in classes, pursuing a college degree can open all kinds of doors for students as they experience professional, social, and personal growth. 

Set Yourself Up for Professional Success 

In most careers, having a college degree will give you a leg up and put you on the fast track to promotions, higher pay, and more responsibilities. In fact, there are certain fields where a college degree is required to even be considered for a position. 

If you are uncertain of a career path, college is the perfect place to explore your options. Through taking thought-provoking classes and discovering what subjects interest you most, you can learn which career may be right for you. Most colleges and universities provide a whole system of support to help guide you down the path to greatness. CFNC also offers a wide variety of career assessment tools to help you identify your interests and determine which careers may be a good fit for you! 

Expand Your Social Circle 

College is not just about academics – it’s about meeting new people and building relationships. During your college years, you will get the chance to work alongside your peers to do great things. You’ll form life-long friendships and create a unique bond with your classmates. 

Learn Valuable Life Skills 

Finally, college is a great first step toward living independently. While putting in the work to earn your college degree, you’ll learn to manage your time, budget your money, and handle your responsibilities on your own. In college, you still have access to support resources, but ultimately you must do the work yourself to see results. College is a perfect stepping stone for students as they make their way into the professional world. While you are still attending school as a student, in college you will be treated as an adult, and that makes all the difference. 

College is so much more than the pursuit of an undergraduate degree. It’s a time to grow, learn, connect and explore. It’s an adventure unlike any other and one worth undertaking.

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