Give the Gift of a Bright Future


If there are children in your life — sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and even godchildren — you know the joy it brings to watch them grow older. They may not even be your own children, but you are so proud of their growth and accomplishments in life — from watching them play with friends to witnessing their preschool graduation. Even at a young age, you can picture the wonderful young men and women they will become.

What do you envision for this child’s future? Do you see a scientist, doctor, or activist, inspired to change the world for the better? Or maybe you see a mind full of passion and creativity, just waiting to burst forth into the world as a musician, actor or writer. Perhaps you see a child who is most excited with building and physical tasks — a future architect, engineer or even an athlete. No matter what kind of future you see in your little ones, odds are they will need a college education to achieve their dreams.

This holiday season, help the children in your life achieve their future dreams by giving them the gift of college savings — the gift of a bright future. There are several ways you can do this with the NC 529 Plan, and now is the time! During the month of December, this account can be entered to win $2,529 when you contribute in any of the following ways.

Contribute to an existing account.

If you know a child already has an NC 529 Account, it’s easy to contribute at least $25 to this existing account. Visit our Give a Gift! page for more information.

You can also set up a new recurring contribution to continue giving all year long by automatic draft or payroll deduction.

Create a new account.

If you’d like to create a new NC 529 Account for a child, it’s easy to enroll. All it takes is a few minutes of time and a minimum contribution of $25. Visit our enrollment page to get started.

This holiday season, help the children and parents in your life envision a brighter future with college savings in an NC 529 Account. For help getting started, visit NC 529 FAQs.

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