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July 7, 2023
What College Should I Go to? How to Find the Best School for You

Let us help ease any anxiety you may have around the question, “What college should I go to?” This step-by-step guide is packed with tips, tools, and resources to get you started on this exciting process to find the right college for you!

CFNC IMAGE What Do High School Counselors Do
July 7, 2023
What Do High School Counselors Do? Preparing for College and More

While teachers, coaches, and parents can help when times get tough, don’t forget about your high school counselor. You may be asking yourself, “What do high school counselors do?” The short answer is — a lot!

CFNC IMAGE Community Service 1
July 7, 2023
4 Types of Community Service That Colleges Want to See

Community service not only improves your corner of the world and you as a person, but it also improves your chances of getting into college too! Most colleges do not require applicants to do community service but consider it highly valuable to your application, as it shows you have high character.

July 7, 2023
College Dorm Life: What to Expect and How to Make Friends

You celebrated your high school graduation with your friends and classmates, and now it’s time to prepare to move on to college. Some of those friends might be coming with you, or you might be going off on your own.

CFNC IMAGE College Skills
July 7, 2023
5 College Skills Every Student Needs to Master

As a freshman, you’ll meet new people, be exposed to different ideas, and discover which areas of study interest you most. But if you plan to survive (and, hopefully, thrive) once you get on campus, you’ll want to master some basic college skills first.

CFNC IMAGE College Prep In Middle School
July 7, 2023
College Prep in Middle School: What 8th Graders Should Know

In eighth grade, college may still feel like a distant dream. But in a few years, you will meet the moment you’ve been waiting for: the first day of college! It’s a great time to do some basic preparation for your future.

CFNC IMAGE Career Exploration
July 7, 2023
Career Exploration for Students: Finding the Right Path for You

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) provides tons of information developed specifically for career exploration for students. The career planning page on the CFNC website makes it easy and fun to examine your interests in order to find a career path that’s right for you.

College Funding Sources
July 5, 2023
College Funding Sources & Their Impact on Financial Aid

Figuring out how to pay for college can be overwhelming, especially because there are so many college funding sources available. From federal and private loans to different types of savings accounts and investments, it can be difficult to know which option is best.

CFNC IMAGE What Every 10Th Grader Should Know
June 7, 2023
What Every 10th Grader Should Know about Preparing for College

College is a great, and sometimes vital, asset to pursuing a variety of careers, and now is a good time to start the search. But knowing where to start can be daunting. Fortunately, College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) has tools and resources to help you find out what every 10th grader should know to prepare for college.

CFNC IMAGE Ultimate SAT Study Guide
June 7, 2023
Your Ultimate SAT Study Guide: Study Tips, Writing Practice, and More

If you decide to tackle the SAT, how do you set yourself up for success? This SAT study guide will help you prepare for college admission testing and determine how you need to study to meet your goals.