Federally-Insured Deposit Account (from SECU)

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Interest Rate as of 07/01/2024: 3.00% / APY 3.05%1

Inception Date: 04/12/2010
Performance data is the most current provided by the manager of this investment option. Offered by State Employee's Credit Union.

Investment Objective

Seeks to provide income plus protection of principal and earnings through federal deposit insurance up to the applicable federal share insurance limits.

Investments are subject to risk and Participants should carefully read the Program Description for North Carolina's National College Savings Program for more information.

Performance as of 04/25/20242

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
2.30% 1.28% 1.34% 1.50%

Risk Potential


Less Risk
Less Reward

More Risk
More Reward

Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly.
Federally Insured by the National Credit Union Association ("NCUA")
Administrative Fee ("Program Administrator Fee") of no more than 0.25% annually3

1 Quoted rates and annual percentage yield ("APY") are the most current as provided by the State Employees' Credit Union. Rate and APY subject to change daily.

2 The Federally-Insured Deposit Account Investment Option is a fixed price fund with the price per unit set at $1.00.

3 This Program Administrator Fee for the Federally-Insured Deposit Account is calculated on the daily balance, with fractional portions rounded to the nearest whole penny and deducted directly from Participant Accounts monthly.