Savings Calculator

Saving on a regular basis can make a big difference in your financial stability. And the earlier you start saving, the better. Compound interest works by reinvesting the interest you earn on your savings - in other words, you earn interest on the interest. And with an Account in the NC 529 Plan, your earnings are free from federal and North Carolina income taxes when used to pay for Qualified Higher Education Expenses.

Experiment with this Simple Savings Calculator

Section 1: Initial Deposit
Perhaps your family and friends give you $1,000 when your child is first born or you've been putting a little aside already. Use whatever amount you have in hand as an initial deposit.

Section 2: Monthly Savings
In addition to the initial deposit you entered, put in a monthly amount you might put in regularly. For example, if you open your Account with $1,000 when your child is born and put in $50 every month earning 2%, in 18 years you'll have $14,419. Putting $75 a month with a possible interest rate of 4%, you'd have $25,721 in 18 years.

Section 3: Interest Rate
Rates shown are examples only and do not necessarily represent past performance nor are they a guarantee of future results. All investments are subject to risks. For the most recent performance of the NC 529 Investment Options, click here.


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*Note: The results, returns or other information generated in the Savings Calculator are hypothetical and do not indicate actual investment results or guarantee future results.
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