Next NC Scholarship (2024-2025 Academic Year)

The Next NC Scholarship combines the federal Pell Grant with state-funded financial aid to provide at least $3,000 for full-time enrollment at any of the 58 North Carolina community colleges or at least $5,000 at any of the 16 North Carolina four-year public universities if you have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) no greater than $80,000 and a Student Aid Index (SAI) no greater than 7,500. Students with the greatest need for financial aid could qualify for even more funding.

  • Be a North Carolina resident as defined by North Carolina Residency Manual
  • Enroll for at least 6 credit hours
  • Be admitted, enrolled, and classified as an undergraduate student in matriculated status in a degree, certificate, or diploma program at one of the 16 institutions of The University of North Carolina or at a North Carolina Community College

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Priority Date:

August 15 for UNC Institutions for the 2024-2025 Academic Year only
August 15 for Community Colleges

  • Colleges may set different priority dates to assist in awarding of financial aid other than the Next NC Scholarship. Check the priority date for your college to ensure timely FAFSA filing and access to other types of financial aid, but file your FAFSA even if the priority date for your college and/or the Next NC Scholarship priority date has passed as some funding, including Federal grants and loans, will still be available.

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Amount Varies

Guaranteed Amount Between Federal and State Funds

Rolling Deadline