Next Step Program Overview - Spring 2024

The Next Step 2024 program will be available February 19th through May 31st for NC high school juniors and parents!  Just click on the Junior Next Step Form button on this page and you can:

  1. Share your plans and needs. Whether you are thinking about an apprenticeship, military, work, community college, or four-year college, now is a great time to take action.  We'll immediately provide you with tips and links to assist in your areas of interest.  We'll also share your plans and needs with the counseling team at your high school.
  2. Connect with NC colleges.  You can choose to share your contact information with NC community colleges and four-year colleges so they can let you know more about their programs.
  3. Join the online program to take steps toward your goals.  You'll have exclusive access to two sets of self-paced online activities.  If you are planning to continue your education, one set of six activities will help you take six steps toward a community college or a four-year college.  If you are planning to enter the workforce, another set of three activities will help you explore career and training options. You’ll be guided through the steps with interactive videos and action items, along with special content for parents.  Also, you'll have a team of NC graduate students to help you with questions along the way.


Preview of Optional Next Step Online Program

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You'll be guided through six activities to help you toward a two-year or four-year college:

  1. Learn how can help you explore options, and create your free account to get started.
  2. Determine the best email address for communicating with colleges and employers.
  3. Learn about financial aid and the FAFSA, and get started on the process of qualifying for aid.
  4. Learn about majors and degrees available at different colleges.
  5. Research college options to find your best match and fit.
  6. Narrow down the list of colleges where you'd like to apply.
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You'll be guided through three activities to help you enter the workforce:

  1. Consider your career interests and values by completing a brainstorming exercise and taking two career assessments.
  2. Choose three potential career paths and create a plan to become ready.
  3. Review current job openings to ensure you are on track and become familiar with entrepreneurship resources.

Take a few minutes today to complete the Junior Next Step Form.