Smart Borrower Calculator

What you want to do in the future determines how much education you'll need. When you finish
your training or academic program, your job salary pays your bills, including any payments on
student loans that you may have taken out to help pay for your education.

That's why smart borrowing should consider your future career and how much to borrow at the
same time. Student loans are usually the lowest-interest loans you'll find, but they still have to be
paid back, with interest.

Whether you are just thinking about borrowing or already have, use our Smart Borrower
Calculator to see how your potential career income will handle your student loan debt.

Your results will show up on the signal light below:
Red = Too Much Debt
Yellow = Manageable Debt
Green = Reasonable Debt
Signal light results consider salary ranges and percentage of debt.

To get started, let us know where you are in the college process: