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Scholarship Search

The Scholarship Search tool is a searchable collection of scholarships for North Carolinians and those attending school in North Carolina.

North Carolina Colleges and Costs

A list of North Carolina's public and private educational institutions and their most recently published costs. Click here to browse schools and determine how you can afford to attend the school of your choice.


Don't know a FAFSA from an unsubsidized loan? Click here to glance through our financial aid glossary.



Smart Borrower Calculator - To help you borrow wisely, connect career salaries and loan amounts to see how repayment can affect future income.
Stafford Loan Repayment Calculator - Plug in some loan amounts to see how payments will fit into your monthly budget.
EXTRA Education Loan Repayment Calculator - Calculate your monthly payment if you have a loan through the EXTRA Education Loan Program. Savings Calculator - Get an estimate on how to earn interest on the interest and see for yourself how your money can grow.
Budget Calculator - Calculate your monthly budget based on your income and expenses.
Checkbook Balancing Tool - Follow simple steps to do this online.

Helpful Links

Helpful Links - Whether you're a parent, student, borrower, financial aid administrator, or a high school counselor, we have links of interest to you.