My CFNC Story

CFNC has been extremely helpful in my process of planning and applying to colleges.

When I first started thinking about planning and applying to college I was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation, little did I know. When my counselors at school began to explain the extremely long process of applying I was extremely worried about time and going through the application process. That was when my counselor told me about CFNC.

At first I did not pay any attention to the advice, I was too concerned about beginning my applications as soon as possible. When I saw my first college application I flipped, thinking how I was not going to be able to fill out so many applications and keep my grades up the beginning of my senior year, or how I was not going to have any time for a social life because I would always have to being filling out applications.

When I went to my counselor again for a private conference she mentioned CFNC again and told me, with the help of CFNC the process would be way more time efficient and I would benefit from it greatly. So I looked into CFNC, I was so surprised about all the efficient tools and help that it gave me. CFNC has helped me save so much time in applications it is unbelievable.

My favorite part of CFNC was how I filled out an application and it was automatically applied to all my other applications, a miracle. Also every time I added something to one application it was applied to the others. CFNC was my life saver my senior year.

~ Elizabeth