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Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

NC colleges have formed transfer agreements to help you understand how your courses will transfer.  Here are the two major statewide articulation agreements in North Carolina.

NC Community College to NC Public Universities

The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a statewide agreement governing the transfer of credits between NC community colleges and NC public universities. It applies to all 58 NC Community Colleges and 16 university campuses.  If all requirements are met, it guarantees admission to 1 of the 16 UNC four-year institutions.

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement
NC Community College to NC Independent Colleges and Universities

Similar to the CAA, students can also take advantage of the Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (ICAA).  This agreement helps students make a successful transfer between NC community colleges and the participating institutions of North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities.

Independent College Articulation Agreement