Information for Families of Children Age 11 and Younger

No matter what your current circumstances, it is important for you to know - and to believe - that your child can go to college. We are here to emphasize the three facts that are most important to your child's educational future:

  • It is possible for your child or grandchild to go to college. And it's the best investment in your child's or grandchild's future that you can make.
  • Your child or grandchild can afford to go to college. Help is available, and we can help your family find it.
  • The earlier you start to save toward your child's or grandchild's future college education, the better. North Carolina's National College Savings Program can help. Our program has no set-up or administration fees, no required monthly payments, and no minimum payment. So you can save what you can, when you can. The important thing is to start now!