13 Stress-free ways to Make Extra Money in College

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Beyond getting a good education, part of attending college is making new friends and having new experiences. While there are lots of free activities you can take advantage of on campus, some things do cost money and you don’t want to miss out. So, here are 13 ways to make extra money in college without losing sleep or study-time at a late-shift job.

Turn Your Hobby into a Side-Hustle

Are you creative? Sell your custom-painted jeans, handmade jewelry, or carved wooden airplanes online. Open your own virtual shop on sites such as Etsy or My Crafts.

Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

Businesses have come to realize that social media is a great tool to create brand awareness with consumers. But many business owners don’t have the skills or the time to keep up with all the social media channels or to learn about new platforms. TikTok anyone?

Build your resume by volunteering to handle social media for your church, school group, or a local small business. Once you have some experience, apply for freelance positions at larger businesses that will be happy to pay for your services.

Get Paid to Watch Videos and Take Surveys Online

You’ve probably heard about taking online surveys in exchange for cash or gift cards. Some online marketers have other ways you can make extra money in college, and you can do it right from your dorm room or apartment. Sites such as InboxDollars or PrizeRebel will pay for your feedback to watch movie trailers, play video games, read marketing emails, and more.  

Earn Money Shopping Online

From clothes to toiletries and gifts, we buy lots of things online. There are websites where you can earn cash and coupons while buying the things you need. Some popular sites you may have heard of are Rakuten, Swagbucks, and Mr. Rebates, but there are many more. Just remember to buy things you’re already planning to purchase and don’t waste money on things you don’t need.

Become a Translator

Are you majoring in a foreign language? Start making money as a translator even before you earn your degree. Many businesses, schools, and other organizations often need help translating content from English to other languages. Inquire at your college or local public schools to see whether your services might be needed. You can translate written materials or act as a verbal translator to help foreign guests at special events.

Become an Online tutor

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Work as a tutor from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment to make extra money for college. Online tutoring services will connect you with other students in need of academic assistance. Thanks to the internet, a math major in Maryland can get paid to tutor a high school student in North Carolina who’s struggling with algebra.

Running Errands

If you have a car or access to good public transportation, consider running errands for people who need extra help. Senior citizens, new moms, and even small business owners will appreciate the helping hand! Find jobs by checking out local message boards on social media and online websites.

Delivery services, such as Postmates and Uber, have become popular in the last few years. This offers you a very flexible schedule and most of the time you get to keep 100% of the tips!

Apply for Scholarships

Applying for scholarships can mean big bucks! You may already be the recipient of a merit scholarship from your college or university when you were first accepted. Don’t stop there. Make extra money for college by applying for more scholarships.

Check out the scholarship resources at CFNC.org. Watch a video about finding scholarships, use the scholarship tracking spreadsheet to keep applications organized, and find a free list of scholarships you may be qualified to win. A few hours of your time could turn into hundreds of dollars in your pocket!


Parents will feel very comfortable with a responsible college student watching their child while they go out on a Saturday night. You could make 10-20 dollars an hour! Start by asking your professors and teaching assistants if they need help with their children. They may also have friends who need your services.

Dog Sitting

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If babysitting isn’t your thing, what about pet sitting? Many pet owners love going away for the weekend, but they don’t want to put their pets in a kennel. Make extra money for college by spending your weekend taking these loveable pets for walks and spending a little quality time so they don’t get lonely.

Sell Your Old Textbooks

Textbooks can be very expensive. Before you sell your used textbooks back to the campus bookstore, check out online retailers to see whether you can get a better price. Turn this into a no-stress business by selling your friend’s old textbooks for a small fee.

Get a Catering Job

If your Monday-Friday is too busy with school to work as a server in a restaurant, why not try catering? Most events are held on the weekends when you have extra time. Start with the conference center on campus to find out whether they’re hiring.

Start a Sewing Business

You would be surprised how much clothing can be rescued with a few simple repairs that require only the help of a needle and thread. No bulky sewing machine needed! Friends and classmates will happily pay you to fix a strap, replace a button, or patch their favorite pair of jeans.

These no-stress jobs are a great way to make extra money for college when it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to pick just one, try a couple of jobs that will fit into your busy schedule and enjoy the extra cash.

While most college students can always use extra spending money, you may want to use some of your earnings to pay off student loans. Just because you’re still in school, doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on loan repayment. Even if you only pay the interest, it could save you a lot of money over the life of the loan. Good luck!

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