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There are no enrollment fees or sales charges to open an NC 529 Account.

The NC 529 Plan offers low-cost options, enabling you to put more of your savings towards future college expenses. Depending on the Investment Option(s) you select, underlying investment expenses will vary. These fees and expenses are indirect to you; they are simply deducted from each investment option held in the Trust Fund for the NC 529 Plan.

The NC 529 Plan also has low administrative costs. The Program's Administrative Fee is 0.25% annually. This fee is calculated on the portion of your Account's daily balance invested in the Investment Option(s) you have chosen and is deducted directly from your Account.

Please note that the Program may also impose certain transaction fees, including a fee for paper delivery that can be waived by simply selecting electronic delivery for your Accounts. Fees and expenses are subject to change. See the Program Description for more details on Program Fees, Transaction Charges, and Expenses.