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The NC 529 Program offers a variety of Investment Options with a range of strategies, from conservative to aggressive. You choose one or more options, whatever mix meets your investment objectives, time remaining until college, and tolerance for risk.

There are 3 Vanguard Age-Based Options – Aggressive, Moderate or Conservative. There are 10 other individual options -- 9 different Vanguard Portfolios and the Federally-Insured Deposit Account provided by State Employees’ Credit Union.

Once you open an Account, you can make monthly Contributions, using either automatic draft or one-time drafts or making payroll deductions (if your employer makes it available for the NC 529). You might also choose to make a lump-sum Contribution.

A review of the Investment Options will help you understand the relative risk normally associated with each. See the Program Description for more complete information.

Handling Money "What Ifs"
What if you have extra money or if money gets tight? You can adjust your Contribution amount anytime. According to IRS regulations for 529s, you can change your current investment mix twice each calendar year or if the Beneficiary of your Account changes. You can change your future allocations at any time.

What if it’s time for college and your Beneficiary decides not to go? You can transfer all or some of that Account to an Account for another Beneficiary as long as he or she is a member of your former Beneficiary’s family.

What if your Beneficiary has some in-state and some out-of-state college choices? Money in your Account can be used for your Beneficiary to attend any eligible higher education institution that accepts federal financial aid for students – that's in North Carolina or anywhere else in the country. You decide when and what to withdraw and can request that Withdrawals be sent directly to the school the student attends, to you or to the Beneficiary.

What if you run into a family emergency and need to make a Withdrawal from your NC 529 Account for something other than Qualified Higher Education Expenses? It's your choice and your money. Your NC 529 Account Withdrawals are intended to cover Qualified Higher Education Expenses, but you may request Non-Qualified Withdrawals as well. The earnings portion of a Non-Qualified Withdrawal is subject to federal income tax and a 10% federal penalty tax, as well as state and local income taxes.

For more information, see the Program Description.
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