Looking for particular information? There are several ways to find it.

  1. Select a role that describes you – Student, Parent, Adult Learner, Military/Military Dependent, Education Professional or Account Holder
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the screen –
    • My CFNC – your user profile, career portfolio, high school planner, college planner, and financial portfolio (savings account, loans, scholarships)
    • Plan – information on high school, college and career planning
    • Apply – for college admission and for financial aid (FAFSA, scholarship, grants and loans)
    • Pay – information on college savings plan, scholarships and grants, part-time work, loans and installment payment plan
    • Save – 529 Plan information, forms and account access
  3. Click “Need Help?” at the top of each page for frequently asked questions and ways to contact CFNC.