NC Countdown to College

October 2023

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What Happens After NC Countdown to College?


Your student may have to provide documentation to complete residency; remember to log in to check their status and, if needed, provide that information as quickly as possible. Use this RDS Guide to help navigate the Residency Status Page.

Call RDS at 844.319.3640 if you have questions.

Feel that their determination is incorrect? Follow these instructions for the Residency Determination Service (RDS) Reconsideration and Appeal Process.

Their Residency Certification Number (RCN) is good for all colleges in NC and they do not need to complete the process again unless they drop out or transfer.

Remember, record your student’s RCN somewhere safe.


Your student’s FAFSA results will be sent to the colleges they selected on the FAFSA form. Additional information may be needed if they are selected for verification.

Once they have been admitted, their Financial Aid Office will offer them an Award Letter electronically or in the mail. This will provide your family with information about federal and state gift aid they have been awarded to pay for college, as well as some self-help financial aid.

These letters are sent out at different times, so be sure to communicate any questions your family might have with your Financial Aid Office.

Find out additional information about Financial Aid Offer Letters at Federal Student Aid, including which financial aid type is best for your student, types of loans to accept, and when to expect the financial aid offered.


Now that your student has applied, you should both understand the Next Steps in the Application process.

Your student’s applications can be tracked through CFNC’s Application Hub. If your student attends an NC Public High School, the Application Hub can also be used to send their electronic transcripts to NC Colleges for free.

Your colleges will reach out to your student with any questions or concerns – hopefully, they will receive those acceptance letters soon!

Other admissions decisions may allow your student to attend their college of choice, even if they are not initially accepted. These admissions decisions may include:

  • Wait-listed
  • We need future test scores
  • We need first semester grades

If your student has any questions about what these and other admissions decisions mean, they can contact the colleges to which they have applied.


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