Week 1 - C2C Overview & Career Planning
10/3/22 - 10/7/22

Things to Accomplish This Week:

  1. Create a MyCFNC account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Utilize Plan a Career tools and information to identify potential careers.
  3. Find colleges that are right for you using College Search and Explore Programs and Majors. This will help you narrow down the list of colleges you will apply to later this month.
  4. Apply for FSA IDs – both the student and one of the parents need FSA IDs in order to complete and submit the FAFSA form in Week 2. (fsaid.ed.gov)

Live Virtual Events:

C2C Overview & Career Planning

Need help choosing a career path? Find out what tools we have available to assist you, including career assessments, college search tools, and more. You’ll also receive an overview of what’s going on during October to help you with residency, FAFSA, and applications for admission.

  • Tuesday, 10/4/22 at 12:00 PM -  REGISTER
  • Thursday, 10/6/22 at 6:00 PM - REGISTER

How-To Videos:

How-to Create a CFNC Account:

This brief how-to video walks you through the steps of creating your free CFNC.org account and shows you how to recover or change your account information in the future.

How-To Use CFNC Career Tools:

This brief how-to video shows you how to use CFNC.org career tools to learn about yourself through career assessments, find careers that might be a good fit for you, and explore occupations with good growth and salary opportunities.

How-To Use College Search:  

This brief how-to video shows you how to use the CFNC.org college search tool to find colleges that best meet your needs in reaching your educational goals.

Helpful Resources To Check Out This Week:

Helpful Spanish Resources: