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Reserve Officers' Training Corps Scholarships (ROTC)

Competitive, merit-based scholarships and stipends are available to qualified college students who plan to enter the Armed Forces.

Four-year scholarships are available on a competitive, merit basis to high school students who plan to enroll in the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Reserve Officers' Training Corps at a postsecondary institution. The length of the scholarship may vary for each branch of the service.

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age (and no older than 21) for Navy ROTC scholarships.
  • Recipients must be U.S. citizens.
  • Students must be at least 17 and under 27 years of age on June 30 of the calendar year in which eligible for commissioning for Army scholarships.
  • The age for individuals with prior active duty service may be increased by one month for each month of active duty up to a maximum of three years (Title 10 USC 2107) for Army scholarships.

ROTC Scholarships are offered at different monetary levels of up to $70,000 annually that provide for college tuition and educational fees.

  • Air Force ROTC scholarships pay up to full tuition. An additional scholarship benefit is a designated book allowance.
  • Army, Navy and Marine scholarship winners also receive a tax-free allowance of $250 a month during the academic school year for each year the student is on scholarship.
  • Monthly stipends (tax-free allowance) for Air Force ROTC scholarship cadets start at $250 per month and increase by $50 each year.

Application Procedure
For Army ROTC Scholarships: High school juniors and seniors may apply for four- year scholarships by January 10 of each year. Write to Army ROTC Scholarships, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-5000 or call 1 (800) USA-ROTC. College students may apply for an application for two- and three-year awards by contacting the professors of military science at Army ROTC Detachments.

For Air Force ROTC Scholarships: High school seniors may apply via or by contacting the regional director of admission at 919-515-1551. The deadline is Dec. 1 of each year. College students may apply for 3-, 3-, 2-, or 2-year awards; contact professors of aerospace studies at Air Force ROTC detachments.

For Navy and Marine ROTC Scholarships: Contact your local ROTC recruiter listed in the telephone directory under U.S. Department of Defense or call 1 (800) 662-7568 for Navy or Marine scholarships.

The Navy also offers scholarships for students majoring in nursing and a junior express scholarship program. Deadline for pre-applications is Dec. 1. There are no restrictions placed on choice of majors in college.

Other Information
Training while in college, and a commitment to the Armed Forces upon graduation. Military commitments vary, depending upon the branch of the service and the scholarship accepted. Contact the ROTC recruiting office for the military branch being considered for details.

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