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Student Transfer Navigator™

Student Transfer Navigator™ provides a course equivalence report for students who have taken or plan to take courses at any of North Carolina's postsecondary institutions. Students may compare course equivalence for any two institutions at a time in three easy steps. Course equivalence information is available for courses transferring from all NC community colleges to NC colleges and universities.

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NOTE: All users are required to use a id and password to access Student Transfer Navigator™.

Students who intend to transfer from a NC community college to a UNC institution or to an NC independent college or university will receive maximum course transfer benefits by following the guidance on transferability of courses outlined in Transfer Student Guarantees.

Student Transfer Navigator™ does not automatically guarantee transfer of course credit to an institution. Students are encouraged to talk with their academic advisor and the admissions office at the four-year institution to which they intend to apply to understand how their community college course credits will transfer into a specific major.

This tool provides guidance for students who wish to view course-by-course-equivalence. Use of Student Transfer Navigator™ is ideal for the transfer student who does not intend to complete the general education core of the Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degrees as specified in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) or Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (ICAA). This tool is also ideal for community college students who graduate with Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees. The CAA and ICAA remain the preferred method of transfer for the community college student who completes the AA or AS degrees or who completes the general education core of those degrees.

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